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Welcome to the Ultimate Bank Challenge!

A new platform for interactive learning


An experiential learning approach to building banking knowledge and skills

A unique way of exposing participants to the fundamentals of how to run a successful bank.

Enabling participants to gain a wider understanding of roles and the challenges faced by bank executives.

Why UBC?

Designed as a core strategy learning module for bankers of all levels, the Ultimate Bank Challenge can be tailored to simulate various initiatives, explore market opportunities or address organisational challenges. For more details please slide the page to the right. >>

Banking fundamentals and more

Developed by a team of banking experts with extensive consultation with C-level bank executives for years, the simulator creates a dynamic environment in which participants can sharpen their existing banking knowledge and skills, learn new concepts, exchange ideas and build new capabilities.

From strategy to reality

The Ultimate Bank Challenge is a platform that allows senior bankers to simulate the cause and effect of decisions on their strategic agenda. Participants can experience the process which senior executives at banks go through to develop, evaluate, execute strategies and make corrective actions to overcome challenges.

Beyond departmental silos

The Ultimate Bank Challenge is structured to foster productive collaboration that narrows gaps between departments and business divisions and encourage participants to work together as a team to achieve strategic objectives and solve operational problems.

Breaking out of comfort zone

Enabling participants to take on roles and execute activities that they would be unlikely to do in their normal jobs, the simulator demands creative thinking and effective communications.

UBC Experience: how organizations have used the simulator

Accommodating groups of 35 participants including supporting roles, the simulator has been used in 4 distinct ways. Please slide the page to the right for more details on how it works.

  • Integrated into executive education
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    The simulator can be incorporated into multiway executive learning programmes to apply theoretical knowledge. Participants will learn how to create action-based strategies and establish key-performance indicators in new ways.

  • A learning experience for mid-level managers
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    The simulator has been used as a special session for middle-level managers to experience the decision-making process of the C-level executives.

  • A boot-camp for rising stars
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    Several financial institutions have used the simulator as a boot-camp to give rising stars at various levels a taste of being at the helm, running the ship.

  • Team building
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    The simulator can also be used as a stand-alone team building activity which incorporates learning into a fun-based competition for both banking and non-banking organizations. It brings together people from different parts of the organization to form teams that test their knowledge of how the bank works.

UBC Experience: how the simulation works

The illustration gives you an overview of how the simulation works. Please click the image for a larger version.

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UBC Experience: how the day will go

The Ultimate Bank Challenge can be used as a single-day or multi-day event. Here is a diagram showing how a single-day programme would work for your organisation. Please click the image for a larger version.

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Please click the image to download the contents.
  • Brochure
  • and more to come…
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If you want to learn more about how the Ultimate Bank Challenge can help you address your organisation’s learning & development needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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